“Here Comes the Brood” SNEAK PEEK

With Fran’s day off looming, C.C. reveals during a day trip to the zoo with the children (while covering for Fran) that Fran doesn’t care about them and that she gets paid to spend time with them.

Will Fran be able to comfort little Gracie?


“The Nuchslep” SNEAK PEEK

the nuchlep

Maggie and Fran haveĀ an argument when it appears that Maggie’s boyfriend, Eddie (who makes his second appearance after she made out with in the pilot episode) when it appears as if Eddie has a thing for the older nanny instead of the young heiress.

“My Fair Nanny” SNEAK PEEK

Maggie Sheffield, the oldest of all the Sheffield children, is having a rather tough time of fitting in with members of her elite private school. Never fear, Super Nanny is here! Fran decides to hold a mother/daughter tea party shindig for Maggie, and Maggie is thrilled…until C.C. convinces Fran that she won’t fit in. This leads Max and Niles to go all “My Fair Lady” on Fran’s ass so that she’ll be able to fit in with the rich crowds.my fair nanny sneak peek